Delftse Beach Competitie 2022

De competitieronden worden gespeeld op donderdagavond en vrijdagavond, op de beachvelden van de 3 volleybalverenigingen. In even jaartallen (bijv. 2022) spelen de heren op donderdag en de dames op vrijdag. In de oneven jaartallen wisselt dit om. In totaal zijn er vijf competitieavonden.


Delft Beach Competition 2022

The Delft Beach Competition is organized in collaboration between three associations: VVV Delta, Kratos en Shot. The competition lasts 5 weeks. Every week you get placed in a new pool of 5 teams, based on last week’s performance. On a competition evening you will play 4 sets, one against every team in your pool. The competition takes place on Thursdays and Fridays. In even years (for example 2022) the men play on Thursday and the women on Friday. In uneven years this is the other way around.

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